Tuesday, May 13, 2008

May 13, 2008

So, what has been going on with me? Well I have changed my major, I am now studying Management, specializing in Banking and finance. I am excited to get on with it. David and I are going to be have very full schedules this year. poop. We will both be full time students and having to be able to manage jobs to pay our usual bills.

I have been excercising more. Getting up earlier and doing more everyday. Even though I have changed this I have seemed to have gained 5 lbs. Strange but I also seem to feel different about food. I eat a lot more because I love food, but I never seem to get full so I am filling my day better so I do not sit around and thing about food. I know everyone can not see it but I can. It does not make me feel very good. This morning I got up at about 6:40 poked around on the internet, then went to Waid Park and brisk walked/jogged for 30 min then went to medicate Justin's eye (which is another subject). After that I washed a load of cloths, so now there are no dirty clothes. (also been working on keeping cloths clean rather then having 5 loads of dirty clothes) Then went to the Bruingtons and sewed most of my skirt and cut out all of my strips for a lap quilt. :) Then went to work.

This weekend is the Renn Fair! excitment! Well at least I am excited. Even if we will only be gone for 1 day.

I am also excited to get to work with Justin for 6 weeks. This sounds weird but I want us to bond and for him to act the way he does with Mary with me. No more ears back (or at least not as much as he does now) or attuide. Riding bare back is not as much fun and I will not venture out as much, but a good positive is that I will get a better workout and work on my seat very much. I feel comfortable trotting bare back so I'm still excited.

Anyway enough for a night I need to go to sleep!


MarysCwby said...

I'm GLAD you're excited about working with Justin for 6 weeks, and *I* am excited about YOU working with him for 6 weeks! It'll really improve yall's relationship, exTREMELY. Just always remember, even if you don't have time to do more than go in, rub on him, do his eye, keep him out of your space, that you're still bonding with him and that's good.

Amy Hanek said...

Good for you! With the waitressing job, I hope to drop 10 or 20 lbs by xmas. We'll see. I love food too.

Good seeing you online.