Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Longer Days

I decided that this summer I am going to take better advantage of my days. I have already started getting up when David leaves for work, that would be 6:30! To wake myself I go walking/jogging 2 1/2 miles. I did not walk quite as far today because my shins hurt so bad I was almost walking with a limp.

When I get back I get in the shower to be fully awakened and get dress and then I'm ready for the day, no going back to sleep. I notice that when I do this I clean more because I have more time and do not have kids to watch so i have much more time.

I'm trying not to eat so much. I feel like a fattie because I am constantly thinking of eating when I am bored. but today I went walking and it was kinda cold and the air burned my throught when I jogged so I walked. when I got home I was not sweaty so no shower I just went and ate and entire roll of crescent rolls. he he :( they are good though.

I'm am also making myself cook on nights I am home. Last night we had mini meat loafs they were good but I need to buy some pans. I burnt myself pretty good too. lol I can not be trusted alone in a kitchen.