Sunday, March 2, 2008


Some people are ignorant to why servers get mad when people leave them unjustified bad tips. I of course am a server trying hard to pay all my bills every month and still get myself and husband through school because I do not want to serve for the rest of my life. For the past three months I have been paying ALL the bills because david, as much as hes been looking, still does not have a job. I have bought some things for myself and now wish I had not. Now that it is the end of the month and I'm having an off week at work at the worst possible time.
Serving SUCKS. I have to deal with every different kind of person. SOMETIMES I enjoy my job people are nice, and make your job easy. Let me tell you about my weekend...My mannager has somehow decided that I want to work TO GO, well I do not. It does not pay my bills and I end up doing it for free. I worked 10am to 9pm on saturday then 11 to 11 on sunday. By the end I just wanted to sit down and cry. I bussed my own tables to get people down faster just for them to leave me 10% or under. And I am sorry i may have forgotten one drink or a napkin every once and a while but if I was perfect I would be God. It is not my fault your stake came out wrong I only ring the order in, our kitchen does NOT care about the customers. For examole, On tuesday our crappy expo would not expo my food it was ready for 20 min and he just would not expo my food because we do not like each other. SO my table waited 45 min for their food. I know he thinks he messed up my tip, but he didn't because I told my table excatly what happened and that I hated my job while I was trying my very best to fight back tears from being frustrated. Christy quit that night, one of my only bits of sanity because we have a new "chris" (a lazy mannager).
Anyway I got my paycheck. It was $24 for 78 hours of work. 20 hours of TOGO at 5.85, 5 hours as an expo at 8.50, and 53 hours of serving at 2.13. so all that togo and expo work was pretty much free because of taxes having to claim so much from serving. NOW do you see why servers get mad when we do not get a tip? I MAKE 2.13 an hour. I do not mind a bad tip when I deserve it and I know when I deserve it. I do not ever try to give bad service sometimes it just happens. But when it takes me a long time to get you extra dressing or anything like that it is because I have to fight with our worlds crapiest kitchen for anything!!
Sorry for complaining so much but it is very stressful work. believe it or not. I'm having to fight back wanting to cry trying to write this, but I am upset and I think I have reason to be. I can not wait until david gets a job...
On a lighter note, I am doing good in school this semester. I have public speaking. The number 1 fear in america. I got a 90 on my last speech!! Thats an A!!